How to use Progress Indicator in Dynamics 365 CRM Online V9.X?

1. Show Progress Indicator:

It Displays a progress dialog with the specified message.

Any subsequent call to this method will update the displayed message in the existing progress dialog with the message specified in the latest method call.


The progress dialog blocks the execution until it is closed using the closeProgressIndicator method. So, you must use this method with caution.




Name Type Required Description
Message String Yes The message to be displayed in the progress dialog.

2. Close Progress Indicator:

It Closes a progress dialog box.

If no progress dialog is displayed currently, this method will do nothing. You can display a progress dialog using the showProgressIndicator method.



Example: Used the below code and configuredĀ ShowProgressIndicator() in Account Onload.

function ShowProgressIndicator() {
 Xrm.Utility.showProgressIndicator("Show Progress Indicator Demo..........................");
 setTimeout('HideProgressIndicator()', 5000);

function HideProgressIndicator() {

Output: Open any Existing Account Record, Progress Indicator Text is shown and after 5 Seconds, it will be disappeared.

Show Progress Indicator

Hope you learned a new thing today :):):)