USD 3.3: Help Improve Unified Service Desk

Ajit Patra

Help improve USD means Unified Service Desk sends information to Microsoft anonymously different data such as:

  • Operating system version and bit type

  • Web browser application and version
  • Unified Service Desk version

  • Number of monitors used and screen resolution of the primary monitor

  • Device processor class and RAM details

With the new version of USD released recently(USD 3.3) this option is ENABLED by default.

If USD administrator wants to DISABLE this option, then below are the steps to do it:

  1. Go to Settings–> Unified Service Desk
  2. Go to Options
  3. Click on New and create the new UII option as shown below:


In the earlier version of USD released for Dynamics 365 online, this option is DISABLED by default, which can be ENABLED by following above steps with value field as “TRUE” as shown below:


Another way to control this option of sending information to Microsoft is by Activating/Deactivating the UII option(HelpImproveUSD

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New API Limits – Dynamics 365 (8.x, 9.x)

Bansal Blogs - Dynamics 365, PowerApps, Microsoft Flows, Power BI

There is a recent change which limits number of API calls per user within 5 minutes of interval. When limit is reached, exception will be thrown for more API calls. This new limit will make sure users making more calls not impacting any other users.api_calls_11Limit – 60,000 API requests per organization per user within five minutes of interval which is equivalent to 200 requests per second. ExecuteMultiple request will be counted as 1.

Exception Message – In case limit is reached, platform will throw below message:

Number of requests exceeded the limit of 60000, measured over time window of 300 seconds.

Impact – New limit of 200 API requests per second is very generous limit and is hardly achievable keeping execute multiple will be counted as one. This limit might overcome where large data migrations or integrations require heavy data volume to be processed or migrated. It depends upon…

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Dynamics 365 CRM V9+ New Feature: Dependent Attributes in JavaScript

Prashant Maurya

Dynamics 365 9.0 has introduced a new feature that enables adding field dependency with a JavaScript web resource. It gives below benefits

  1. It will restrict deletion of field(s) if it is being consumed in a js web resource. In earlier versions user was able to delete field(s) even if it is used in a js logic, and it causes exception in js execution.

  2. Dependent field(s) value will be available on form UI, even if it is not added on form. That’s right you don’t have to fetch its value from CRM now (earlier we have to fetch field(s) value using odata or web API if it is not available on form and its value is needed in js logic.)
  3. js web resources will be shown in field dependencies.

    To add attribute dependencies, follow below steps

    1. Open a web resource (from a solution, this option is not visible if you open…

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Unified Service Desk 3.3.0 released

You can download Unified Service Desk 3.3.0 Version Package Deployer and Executables from the below links,

Name Size Download Link Description
Dynamics365-USD- 119.6 MB Click here USD Package Deployer to install solution components in CRM
Dynamics365-USD- 82.7 MB Click here 64 bit USD client
Dynamics365-USD- 82.7 MB Click here 32 bit USD Client

Click here to see “What’s new in Unified Service Desk 3.3.0

How to Debug Plug-Ins in CRM

Rajeev Pentyala - Dynamics 365 Blog


Sometimes you might get wonder (even frustrated) why the debugger is not hitting the break point in your Plug-In code file.

Below are the Checklist to perform prior to start the debugging of your Plug-in assembly.

  • Ensure that your plug-in assembly is signed (See)
  • Rebuild the plug-in assembly
  • Reset the IIS (i.e. Open command prompt and run ‘iisreset’ command)
  • Restart CRM Asynchronous Service on CRM server (Only in case of asynchronous plug-in or Custom workflow )
  • Copy the .pdb file and your .dll file to server’s assembly (i.e., ..Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics CRMServerbinassembly)
  • Open the Plug-in Registration Tool (Download)
  • Browse the dll from your Plug-Ins projects “bindebug” folder
  • In Plug-in Registration Tool , Choose “Specify the location where assembly should be stored” option as “Disk”
  • Register the step
  • Register the image(s) if any
  • Attach the process by opening the Plug-in project in the Visual Studio and then
    • From menu choose “Debug -> Attach to Process…” ( or Click…

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Field Service – User Guide

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Unified Service Desk

Field Service for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is a powerful tool to help support the activities of field based engineers.

I have been blogging on this subject for a few months!

Here I will give a collection of links to my various posts on Field Service for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Collectively these posts should provide you with a detailed user guide, you could think of this post as a “book” on Field Service.

  • Introduction / Theory
  • Installation
  • General Setup
  • Using Field Service
  • Customizing Field Service
  • MB2-718 (Field Service Revision Notes)

Tip: Keep checking back to this post, I will continue to add more detail.
Introduction / Theory

Post Description Last Updated
An overview of the capabilities of Field Service August 2016
Work Order Theory
A description of what a work order is, its lifecycle and how it relates to other Field Service entities August 2016
Video Demo A video…

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Enable Organization Insights Preview in Dynamics 365 CRM Online

Follow the below steps to enable Organization Insights preview feature in Dynamics CRM 365.

Step 1: Open Dynamics 365 CRM Online. Go to Settings -> Administration -> System Settings -> Previews.

Step 2: Select I have read and agree to the license terms.

Step 3: Select Organization Insights Preview (Enable Organization Insights Preview) as Yes and click on OK.

Organization Insights Preview SettingsStep 4: Refresh the CRM Online Organization. Go to Dashboards and Click on the Organization Insights Dashboard.

Organization Insights Preview Dashboard

Step 5: Below Dashboard will be displayed with different types of charts related to the Organization.

Organization Insights Preview Dashboard View

Hope you have learned a new feature today :):):)