How to Customize Lookup Views in CRM?

Will see how to customize a Lookup View with an example.


Customer requirement is to have “Ticker Symbol” instead of Phone” in Customer Lookup for Account in Case Entity.

Customize Lookup - Example

As per the above screenshot, can see Account Name, Email and Phone.

Now, we have to replace Phone with Ticker Symbol.

Please follow the below steps to do so,

Step 1: Go to Account Entity Customization -> Views -> Account Lookup View.

We can see the Account Name, Email and Phone in Out of the box View. Add Ticker Symbol after Email.

Note: As per the Order of First three columns, Lookup View displays.

Customize Lookup - Example - Account Lookup View

Step 2: Save and Close the View. Publish the Account Entity Only.

Step 3: Open new Case Entity record and search for the required Account record in Customer Lookup to see the changes.

Customize Lookup - Example - Account Lookup View with Ticker Symbol

Note: If the Account record has no data for Ticker Symbol, it will be displayed as Empty.

Hope you learned a new thing today :):):)


QuickFindQueryRecordLimit exceeded. Cannot perform this operation in CRM

I am facing the below issue, when the user is searching for a Text in Contact’s Home Page grid view.

QuickFindQueryRecordLimit exceeded. Cannot perform this operation

Root cause: User is searching for a Text in Contact’s Home Page grid view and there are having more than 10,000 records.

Due to this limitation in CRM for Quick Find Search, CRM Platform is throwing this issue.

Solution: Goto Settings -> Administration -> System Settings

Change the Enable Quick Find record limits under Set up Quick Find to No and click on OK.

Quick Find Settings in System Settings

Now you can search the required Text without any issues.

Hope this resolves your issue.

FetchXML Formatter Online

With regards to my Post FetchXML Formatter Tool, Ashish created an online version of this Tool.

Click here and have a look at the FetchXML Formatter Online Version and it really helps as it can be accessed online by everyone from anywhere.

FetchXML Formatter Online Version

Really appreciate Ashish Vishwakarma’s effort in creating this Tool in Online Version.


How to query CRM Global OptionSet Values in SQL?

Use the below select query to get the Global OptionSet values in SQL,

AND OS.NAME ='<Provide Global OptionSet Schema Name>'

How to Share/ Assign Personal Views in CRM?

Follow the below steps to Share/ Assign Personal Views

Click here to know, How to create Personal Views in CRM?

Now will Share/ Assign the “Important Leads” Personal View, which I created in my Last Post.

Open Advanced Find, Look for: Leads and Click on Saved Views.

Lead Advanced Find


1.You can see the list of all Personal Views for Leads Entity. Select the required Personal View and click on Share button on Ribbon.

Important Leads - Share

2.Click on Add User/ Team to add the required User or Team, for whom you want to share Personal Views.

Click on Add.

Important Leads - Share saved view - Add User

3.Give the required permission on this view for the User or Team and click on Share.

Important Leads - Share saved view


Click on Advanced Find and select required Entity under Look for and click on Saved Views.

1.Select required view and click on Assign Saved Views.

Important Leads - Assign

2.By default, Assign to is set to Me. Select Assign to User or team.

Important Leads - Assign Saved View

Add the required User or team and Assign.

Important Leads - Assign Saved View - User or team

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