Show Ribbon Buttons Only in Mobile Or Tablets in CRM

Configure the below Enable Rule for the required ribbon buttons to show Only in Mobile/ Tablets and not in CRM Web.

Show Or Hide Ribbon Buttons in Mobile or Tablets

Use the below function,

function ShowOrHideDeviceButtons() {
 var showOrHideFlag = false;
 // Form Factor = 2 - Tablet
 // Form Factor = 3 - Phone
 if (Xrm.Page.context.client.getClient() == "Mobile" && (Xrm.Page.context.client.getFormFactor() == 2 || Xrm.Page.context.client.getFormFactor() == 3)) {
 // Add code that should only run in CRM for phones here
 showOrHideFlag = true;
 return showOrHideFlag;


Dynamics 365 for phones App View: Highlighted ribbon buttons can be seen only in Mobile/ Tablet.

Show Or Hide Ribbon Buttons in Mobile or Tablets in CRM App

CRM Web View: Buttons are not displayed in CRM Web View.

Show Or Hide Ribbon Buttons in Mobile or Tablets in CRM Web

Hope you learned a new thing today :):):)



How to Install/ Uninstall Sample Data in CRM?

Follow the below steps to Install/ Uninstall Sample Data from Dynamics 365 CRM Online,

Step 1: Open Dynamics 365 Online. Goto Settings -> Data Management and click on Sample Data.

Sample Data Settings Under Data Management

Step 2: If you have not installed any Sample Data earlier, it will show Sample Data button. Click on it to import sample data given by CRM OOB.

Sample Data - Install Sample Data

Step 3: After clicking on it, Goto Imports under Data Management to see the Sample Data import records Status.

Sample Data - Imports Status

Step 4: Once all the records Status Reason change to Completed, we can Sample records in the Entities Specified in the Import Name.

For an Instance, below is the Contacts Sample Data imported during this operation,

Contacts Sample Data

Step 5: If you want to Uninstall the same data imported during this operation, Goto Settings -> Data Management and click on Sample Data.

Then click on Remove Sample Data button.

Remove Sample Data

Step 6: Records deletion status can be seen under Settings -> Data Management -> Bulk Record Deletion.

Bulk Record Deletion record Status

Hope you learned this feature in CRM :):):)


Dynamics 365 CRM SDK Download link

Download Dynamics 365 CRM SDK from the below link,

Name Size Download Link Description
MicrosoftDynamics365SDK.exe 83.9 MB Click Here Use this SDK for Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM Online, and Dynamics CRM 2016 (on-premises).


How to add/ edit/ remove subjects in CRM?

Subjects field is a commonly used in Products, Cases, Sales Literature and Articles. Using this, we can organize them in a Tree structure.

Follow the below steps to Add/ Edit/ Remove subjects.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Business Management -> Subjects

Settings - Subjects - Business Management Setting

Step 2: Select the required Subject. Add/ Edit/ Remove subjects using Common Tasks Area.

In this below screen shot, I have selected Subject Products and added Product 1 and Product 2.

Subject Common Tasks Area

Step 3: Open New Case/ Articles record to see the updated Subjects.

Case Subject