How to get the number of Tables and their records information in MSCRM On-premise?

Follow the below steps to get the volume of Tables,

Step 1: Open MSCRM SQL Database.

Step 2: Under Databases, select the required <CRM_Org_Name>_MSCRM database. Right click on it and click on Reports -> Standard Reports -> Disk Usage by Table.

Disk Usage by Table

Step 3: Disk Usage by Table report will be displayed as shown below.

Disk Usage by Table Report

Other way to do the same is,

Step 1: Select the required MSCRM database. Click on F7 or View -> Object Explorer Details.

Disk Usage by Table - View Object Explorer Details

Step 2: Object Explorer will be opened in a new window. Right click on the header to select the required data columns to be displayed as shown below.

Disk Usage by Table - Object Explorer Details

Hope you got the results successfully :):):)


How to use Autocomplete feature in Dynamics 365?

Got a requirement to show the list of countries on an Contact form with Autocomplete feature in Dynamics 365.

Already i have a “Country” Master entity with the below main fields,

AutoComplete - Country Fields

Click here to download the Country Master records.

On Contact Entity, used existing field “address1_country“.

Configured the below function on Onload of Contact Entity Main form,

Click hereSELRES_372e7e03-79a1-4051-afee-ab2bea51b4c9SELRES_2fa84526-7748-4dd0-9a45-989ec80b4b72SELRES_f20c5529-027c-4d76-8825-16f2d86e4a42SELRES_58d7c2ce-5d68-4b68-bcf3-9d6bec1d7e2fSELRES_58d7c2ce-5d68-4b68-bcf3-9d6bec1d7e2fSELRES_f20c5529-027c-4d76-8825-16f2d86e4a42SELRES_2fa84526-7748-4dd0-9a45-989ec80b4b72SELRES_372e7e03-79a1-4051-afee-ab2bea51b4c9 to download the same javascript code in txt format.

function AutoCompleteCountryRecords() 
 var countrySet = new Array();

// Retrieve all Countries records
 Xrm.WebApi.retrieveMultipleRecords("new_countries", "?$select=new_name,new_countrycode,new_capital").then( 
 function success(result) {
 // Check whether result contains records or not
 if (result.entities.length > 0) {
 // Read all country records one by one
 for (var countryRecordsCount = 0; countryRecordsCount < result.entities.length; countryRecordsCount++) {
 // Push Country Code, Country Name and Country Capital to countrySet Array
 new Array(
 function (error) { 
 // Show error message
 Xrm.Utility.alertDialog(error.message, null);

// Key Press Funtion
 var keyPressFcn = function (ext) {
 try {
 // Get country value
 var countryInput = Xrm.Page.getControl("address1_country").getValue();
 resultSet = {
 results: new Array(),
 commands: {
 // Unique Id
 id: "sp_commands",
 //To add the Link at the bottom of the auto complete search result
 label: "Learn more",
 action: function () {
 // Specify what you want to do when the user
 // clicks the "Learn More" link at the bottom
 // of the auto-completion list.
 // For example onclick of Learn More, just opening bing page"");
 // Covert the entered text to lowercase
 var countryInputLowerCase = countryInput.toLowerCase();
 // Read countrySet Array records one by one
 for (var countryCount = 0; countryCount < countrySet.length; countryCount++) {  // Compare the entered text to the Country Name in countrySet Array element, if Yes add the country details to resultSet  if (countryInputLowerCase === countrySet[countryCount][1].substring(0, countryInputLowerCase.length).toLowerCase()) {  // Add the element to the resultSet  resultSet.results.push(  {  id: countrySet[countryCount][0],  fields: [countrySet[countryCount][1], countrySet[countryCount][0], countrySet[countryCount][2]] // Country Name, Country Code, Country Capital  });  } // Check resultSet.results >=10 then break
 if (resultSet.results.length >= 10)
 // Check resultSet.results has records then results in showAutoComplete otherwise hideAutoComplete
 if (resultSet.results.length > 0) {
 } else {
 } catch (e) {
 // Log the error in console
 // Register addOnKeyPress event on address1_country field


Open any New or Existing Contact record and start typing country name, below recommendations will be shown.

AutoComplete - Output

Hope you have learned a new feature today :):):)


How to enable Image for an Entity in Dynamics CRM?

I have created a custom entity named “Country” and want to set an image for it.

Follow the below steps to do the same.

Step 1: Open CRM. Goto Settings -> Customizations -> Customize the System -> Entity.

Step 2: Create an Image Data Type Field in the Country Entity as shown below.

Enable Image for an Entity - Data Type Image

Step 3: Open the Country Entity Main Form.

Enable Image for an Entity - Country Form

Step 4: Click on Form Properties and click on Display Tab.

Select the Show image in the form to opt the feature.

Enable Image for an Entity - Country Form - Display Settings

Step 5: Save and Publish the Entity.

Step 6: Open any existing record or create a new Country record. Click on the Default Image on the record to upload the Image.

Browse for the required file and click on OK.

Enable Image for an Entity - Country Record - Browse File

Step 7: Image will be updated automatically and shown in the record.

Enable Image for an Entity - Country Record - India

Hope you have successfully uploaded the required image for your record.


How to change the Subgrid Panel header color in Dynamics 365 V9.X?

It is an another interesting feature in Dynamics 365 V9.X.

Below example is to change the Contact’s Subgrid Panel Header Color in Account Form.

1. Open Account Form and double click on Contacts Subgrid.

2. Now, we have an option to see the Panel header color to provide.

By default it is #F3F3F3 Hexa decimal color code.

3. Click here and get the required Hexa decimal color code and provide the same in Panel header color in Subgrid Properties and click OK.

Panel Header Color - Contacts Subgrid

4. Save and Publish the Account Form.

5. Open any Account Record to see the Colorful Header.

Panel Header Color - Account Form

Hope you liked this new feature in Dynamics 365 V9.X.

Unified Service Desk 3.2.0 released

You can download Unified Service Desk 3.2.0 Version Package Deployer and Executables from the below links,

Name Size Download Link Description
Dynamics365-USD- 86.8 MB Click here USD Package Deployer to install solution components in CRM
Dynamics365-USD- 81.4 MB Click here 64 bit USD client
Dynamics365-USD- 81.4 MB Click here 32 bit USD Client

Click here to see “What’s new in Unified Service Desk 3.2.0