How to Setup Dynamics 365 30 days Online Trial version?

Follow the below steps to Setup Dynamics 365 30 days Trial Version.

Step 1: Click here and open Dynamics 365 Trials. Click on Sign up here.

CRM Trials

Step 2: Give your Personal Information and click on Next.

Dynamics CRM 365 - Setup 1

Step 3: Create User Id and Password to login CRM 365 Trial. Click on Create my account.

Dynamics CRM 365 - Setup 2

Step 4: Select the Country Code and give your mobile number for verification. Click on Text me.

Dynamics CRM 365 - Setup 3

Step 5: Enter the OTP and click on Next.

Dynamics CRM 365 - Setup 4

Step 6: Please allow system for some time, a Trial Version will be created for your account. You can see the progress.

Dynamics CRM 365 - Setup 5Click on Set up.

Dynamics CRM 365 - Setup 6

Step 7: Select the required scenarios fits you best.

Am selecting None of these. Don’t customize my organization and click on Complete Setup.

Dynamics CRM 365 - Setup 7

Step 8: CRM Trial Organization will be ready with the selected scenarios/ none in few minutes.

Dynamics CRM 365 - Setup 8

Step 9: After Set up done, System will navigate to the CRM Trial Organization.

Dynamics CRM 365 - Setup 9

Step 10: As we see we don’t have any sample data on CRM Trial. Click here for my previous post and install Sample data in CRM.

Hope you successfully created CRM Trial and Installed Sample Data in CRM.

Enjoy by exploring CRM :):):)


Unified Service Desk 3.1 released

You can download Unified Service Desk 3.1 Version Package Deployer and Executables from the below links,

Name Size Download Link Description
Dynamics365-USD- 87.0 MB Click here USD Package Deployer to install solution components in CRM
Dynamics365-USD- 81.3 MB Click here 64 bit USD client
Dynamics365-USD- 81.3 MB Click here 32 bit USD Client

Click here to see “What’s new in Unified Service Desk 3.1

Configure Session Timeout and Inactivity Timeout – Dynamics 365

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In Dynamics 365, we can now define Session timeout and Inactivity timeout.

We need to go Settings à Administration à System Settings à General Tab

By default, the session timeout is set to 24 hours along with 20 minutes for warning the user.

We can set our custom values there.

Enter maximum session length 60 – 1440 minutes. ( 1 to 24 hour)
How long before the session expires do you want to show a timeout warning? 20 – 1440 minutes. Must be less than maximum session length.

We can also set the timeout based on inactivity. By default, this setting is not enabled. Below are the values that we can set for inactivity timeout.

Enable session timeout due to inactivity 5 – 1440 minutes. (5 minutes to 24 hours) – Must be less than the maximum session length.
How long before the session expires do you want to show…

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How to Install/ Uninstall Sample Data in CRM?

Follow the below steps to Install/ Uninstall Sample Data from Dynamics 365 CRM Online,

Step 1: Open Dynamics 365 Online. Goto Settings -> Data Management and click on Sample Data.

Sample Data Settings Under Data Management

Step 2: If you have not installed any Sample Data earlier, it will show Sample Data button. Click on it to import sample data given by CRM OOB.

Sample Data - Install Sample Data

Step 3: After clicking on it, Goto Imports under Data Management to see the Sample Data import records Status.

Sample Data - Imports Status

Step 4: Once all the records Status Reason change to Completed, we can Sample records in the Entities Specified in the Import Name.

For an Instance, below is the Contacts Sample Data imported during this operation,

Contacts Sample Data

Step 5: If you want to Uninstall the same data imported during this operation, Goto Settings -> Data Management and click on Sample Data.

Then click on Remove Sample Data button.

Remove Sample Data

Step 6: Records deletion status can be seen under Settings -> Data Management -> Bulk Record Deletion.

Bulk Record Deletion record Status

Hope you learned this feature in CRM :):):)