Codeless Data Migration to Dynamics CRM using KingswaySoft

CRM Data Migration using KingswaySoft

Dipankar's Dynamics 365 (#DBDyn365) Blog

Data Migration or Data Integration is a very common task in most of the Dynamics CRM deployments. Data migration often becomes complex with the following:

  • The diversity of data and systems
  • Data integrity
  • Time-consuming for large data set
  • The complexity and intricacy when working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM web service interfaces

Data quality is often very key to user adoption and lack of it can make the system unusable. The bigger question has always remained,

what tool should we use for quick data migration?

At the very broad level, there are two different approaches available for data migration/integration with Dynamics CRM, namely –

  • Leverage existing technologies and tools
  1. Dynamics CRM Import Wizard
  2. Extract – Transform – Load (ETL) tools
    • Sql Server Integration Services
    • Informatica
    • Scribe
    • Connectors for Dynamics CRM shipped by Microsoft
  3. BizTalk/Service Bus
  4. Other tool…
  • Write your own tool

In this post I’d discuss Data KingswaySoftMigration using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). SSIS does not…

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